Available here as a download .pdf file 800k.

This is the start of my Rooney project, laying out the image loosely with pencil to act as guides when I start to airbrush. Im using Schoellershammer Board and the pencil is quite hard, which I use with light pressure, so if I want to erase it will come off easy. The size is 50x65 cms .
Tools used, erasers, + electric eraser.
Freehand stencil,
Mojo and Iwata Eclipse airbrushes.
Createx Wicked Steve Driscoll Tone Set + Wicked Red.


Clean Colour Cup ,add 10 drops of the base mix = 2 drops of Detail Violet + 1 drop of Detail Moss Green, then darken the deepest shadows and hair, repeat on hand. Redefine highlights once again using erasers. Repeat steps using this mix, until colour is saturated, i.e. will darken no more. Be careful not to spray any of this darker mix on to light areas.


Clean colour cup add 10 drops of base mix + 2 drops of detail Violet + 2 drops of detail Moss Green + 2 drops of Detail Smoke Black + 2-4 drops of reducer, mix well, again darken the very darkest of shadows and hair, not forgetting to work the Hand as well. Redefining highlights as you go, repeat until the desired look has been got.
Close up of head.


Now, if cup is looking a little empty, top up with base mix + 1-2 drops of detail Violet + a small drop of detail Moss green + a little more reducer and mix well. Deepen the darkest areas in the folds and along the seam on arm and the shadows under the arm pit, remembering to redefine highlights as you go. Be careful once again not to get this colour on to your highlights and your white patches. When happy, add 1 more drop of detail Smoke Black to the cup and mix well, and then darken the darkest areas in folds and shadows. By now those folds should be jumping out at you.


Not forgetting to finish it of with a Frame, this one is one of the cheapest I could find, came with backing board and glass and hangers on the back from Great Art on the web.

I hope this helps a little with your own Art, I think my painting is far better than my attempt at trying to describe the Step-by-Step.
I would highly recommend that if your going to do portraits, then treat yourself to the Createx Wicked Driscoll flesh set, it comes with a detailed step-by-step for a Clint Eastwood portrait, but you can easily adapt to any portrait you wis, cheers every one, and all the best,
Mick of www.cackieart.com