Listed below are PDF files of each category of artwork, just open or download, (handy for future reference or customer viewing), select the artwork required, let us know the code & we will supply in any of 3 standard size formats:

mini: 1 image on an A4 sheet (300 x210mm)
large: 1 image on an A3 sheet (420 x 300mm)
ultra: 1 image on an A2 sheet (600 x 420mm)

We will even cut to a customers requested size for a specific project if your need this.

These are cut from Lo-Tack paint mask. They do not damage the substrate & can be repositioned with care. We are also able to cut these from full strength vinyls, if you just need decals or using on a teeshirt for stencils.


MINI .. A5 sheet: £1.55 each
LARGE .. A4 sheet: £3.07 each
SUPER .. A3 sheet: £5.62 each
ULTRA..A2 sheet: £8.68 each

custom cut sizes, based on multiples of a4 cost.


Select the artwork required from the catalogue, let us know the code and what sheet size you need., ..thats it ! All items come complete with an application tape fitted, so just apply whole to surface, remove application tape & then remove area to be sprayed...EASY.........
Please remember as some images are very complicated there may be times when it will not be possible to cut in smaller sizes.
to order click here for our contact form.

Click each section for downloadable .pdf file, sizes listed.

animal flames 2556kb
animal mascots 833kb
butterflies  914kb
classic flames  643kb
clowns & jokers  1381kb
dino mania  1536kb
dragon fx  2515kb
hood flames  589kb
monster skulls  1098kb
monster sports  2701kb
pinstriping vol#1  527kb
racing flags  438kb
round flames  928kb
skulls & bones  1555kb
sports mascots  862kb
template flames 1702kb
thunder cycles  2678kb
tribal classics  637kb
tribal flames  1257kb

we will be adding more, so keep checking !!

card group sqr