IWATA Airbrushes are simply great, a well manufactured, superbly balanced precision pieces of craftsmans equipment, used by the top airbrush artists in the world & endorsed by some of the greatest names around.
These airbrushes will allow you to develop your skill without having to worry about the equipment itself, leaving you to concentrate on technique & creativity. They are maintained with minimal effort, but you do have to maintain !!, they are simply an extension to your hand.

The Iwata Eclipse BCS or CS are the airbrushes we personally recommend as starter level, they are just so versatile & offer ease of use, with volume paint spray from hairline to 50mm+, can be controlled very well & cover a huge range of uses. The BCS comes standard with a .5 needle/nozzle set with the CS having .35, however either of these needle/nozzle sets can be used in either airbrush !!.......hows that for versatility!

The range consists of the base level, REVOLUTION, moving to the general versatile level of THE ECLIPSE, then the H.P. Range for more advanced users up to the CUSTOM MICRON for the 'fine art' practicioner. All available with well priced spares & parts, IWATA is a must for ANY budding artist.....what ever you want to do.
There are even 'baby spray guns' for the mural & scenic artist.